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Commercial Real Estate sitting in the up town of Cyprus

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Up Town Of Cyprus, Cyprus

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This new development project, 5 bedrooms luxury Villas. The project’s market value is €2,600,000 and the development cost is €1,700,000 (53% below market  value).

constructions time estimate: 18 month.

1. There are 170 shares available at €10,000 each.
2. The villas will be sold and the capital gains distributed to the SPV to reflect the Shareholdings profits.

3. Income for long term rent, 9% per year. (in case the sell process will take more then 18 months)
4. Articles of Association will confirm all information included in this memorandum and will be registered at Companies House plus every shareholder will have a copy.
5.Under company law, a full transparent report will be distributed to all Shareholders.
6.The exit sale will be arranged by KPMG.
8. buildwith will take 10% of capital growth on completion of exit sale.

Sell at least at current market value = €2,600,000

Profit = €2,600,000 – €1,700,000 = €900,000
Total Return = €2,600,000 / €1,700,000 = 53%*
For every €10,000 a return of €15,000*

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Anonymous 209,000.00August 07, 2018
Anonymous 1,000.00August 01, 2018

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  1. robi
    (verified owner):
    4 out of 5

    very good developer everything is clear and they are making perfect buildings

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