What is BuildWith.io and how does it work?

BuildWith.io is an online marketplace for investing in real estate. We are an equity crowd investing platform. We are here to connect all kinds of investors with real estate companies that need operational capital .
Through the BuildWith.io platform, accredited, non-accredited, and institutional investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities online through a private, secure website. Investors can browse investments, review due diligence materials and sign legal documents securely online. Once invested, investors have access to an investor dashboard, giving them 24/7 access to watch how their money work for them.

How do I get started on BuildWith.io?

Register, choose the most suitable project and INVEST! You can start here.

Who is BuildWith.io?

BuildWith.io is a team of professionals, with experience in real estate, technology, marketing and finance. You can learn more about us here.

What is Equity Crowd Investing?
Our new equity crowd investing in real estate service lets entrepreneurs raise money from an engaged community of investors while maintaining company control.
How Does It Work?
Unlike fundraising through donations or rewards-based platforms, equity crowd investing allows you to offer investors a real stake in the company. Raise money from an engaged community of investors while maintaining company control.
Why Should I Consider Equity Crowd Investing?
Our equity crowd investing service gives you exposure to a passionate community of early adopters who are looking to invest in the next big thing, plus access to tools you can use to grow your business. There’s no one big investor getting a huge share of the company and dictating the terms. You get to keep control and stay focused on running your business.
What Is Equity Crowd Investing?
Unlike raising money through donations or rewards-based platforms, real estate equity crowdfunding gives investors a financial stake in the project they’re supporting.
How Does It Work?
Investing in a real estate project means you own a piece of the project and are along for the ride, with all the ups and downs. You may not have a seat at the boardroom table, but you can help a great idea come to life.
How Much Does It Cost?
It’s free to create a profile and we’ll only charge an investment processing fee if you make an investment.
How Much Can I Invest?
Individual investments start at EUR 20.000. Investors will have investment maximums based on a few factors, including earnings, net worth, etc.
HWhy Do I Have To Register and Create an Account?
Our equity crowdfunding service is built on long term investment relationships and requires a certain degree of liability. We want all of our users, startups and investors alike, be in the position to trust each other
The value of your investment may decline and all capital may be lost

Achievement of rental and capital returns will depend on a range of factors including the property asset as well as the wider economy. Past performance is not an indication of future performance, and investors should be aware that they might not recover the amount invested. You should ensure that you understand the effects of exchange rate fluctuations and taxation on your investment return.
Real estate investments can perform in a cyclical way, and values may increase or decrease accordingly. Economic, political and legal issues can affect values as they would other asset classes. Any future downturn in the real estate market could materially adversely affect the value and income generated from a property investment. Investors are to individually assess and establish their level of comfort with this risk from the outset.


Real estate investments featured on BuildWith constitute private transactions. As such, they are not publicly traded on stock exchanges and may not be rapidly sold or traded.
Prior to investing, you should consider the likelihood that you will hold an investment for its full lifecycle, and as such it is a long term investment.

Disposal/unexpected exit

Each investment offering includes a business plan outlining the expected hold period of the property. In the event that market conditions at the time of maturity of the investment are poor, a commercial decision may be taken as to whether to extend the holding period. Any such decision would be taken jointly by BuildWith and the Sponsor, and would be taken only if called for by such market conditions and with the aim of avoiding a property resale value substantially lower than the initial purchase price.

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